What People Are Saying About Allison Therapeutics...


“Jenni has been providing speech services to my daughter on a weekly basis for 8 months. Her language development has advanced 29 months receptively and 9 months expressively during this time. I attribute this progress to the creative methods and various techniques that are utilized by Jenni to meet my daughter’s specific needs. She mentions Jenni at least once a day and gets so excited to go to Speech where she is both learning and having fun. We are very fortunate and grateful to have Jenni as our therapist!”

--Mother of 8-year-old with Autism--


"I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do with our son. I am thoroughly impressed with all the activities you are doing with him. It brings me great joy to watch him be able to do a short craft with you. We have been practicing the go-together and opposite cards with him and love watching him make progress. Thank you for letting us borrow them. I asked the ABA therapists to add two step directions to their program to complement the activities you do with him. The technique you taught us to help stop him from echoing yes no questions is slowly working too. We appreciate your patience with us as we learn how to help him communicate better. I will be sure to refer parents to you when they ask me!"

--Mother or 3-year-old with Autism--