A New View of Speech and Language Pathology

Allison Therapeutics LLC customizes every child's speech therapy plan for his or her strengths and needs. The child's health, interests, and goals are incorporated to collaborate with his family, doctors, teachers, and therapists and address goals for appropriate developmental progress.

In addition to traditional clinical-skill presentations, Allison Therapeutics LLC addresses goals in motivating, creative, and active ways. Arts and crafts, literacy games, story telling, and interactive play are influential methods to address a variety of goals for each child. We also offer innovative speech therapy techniques and many sessions outside the clinical setting.





Language Group Sessions

Bill Moylan leads small-group language-based interventions in weekly therapy opportunities.

Individual evaluations are completed to establish goals.  Students are then grouped by age and language goals for consistency and efficacy.

Skill sets addressed include:

  • reading facial expressions and body language
  • using appropriate facial expressions and reactions
  • joining a conversation
  • topic maintenance within conversation
  • asking questions
  • answering questions
  • offering, accepting, and declining invitations
  • descriptive qualities
  • problem solving skills



Community Outings

Therapy around Town!

Patients at Allison Therapeutics are seen in a variety of places in order to best serve each child.  Outside the traditional clinical settings, our SLPs work with patients all around town to generalize language skills and further the individual's progress.

Sessions may be in:

  • restaurants
  • stores
  • playgrounds
  • libraries

Goals throughout the community include:

  • social skills
  • pragmatic language
  • vocabulary
  • semantics
  • syntax
  • requesting
  • asking questions
  • following directions
  • listening comprehension
  • reading
  • behavior








Natural Environment

Children younger than three years are always seen in their natural environment of their home or preschool setting.  School-aged children may be seen in the clinic after school or during the day at a private school if this better meets the student's needs. 

Each SLP is a Credentialed and Participating Provider with BabyNet.  We serve children throughout the Tri-County area of Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties.